About Spokesman


The inspiration comes from customer appeal and product application. The smart wearable LED series products purchased by customers are mostly used for entertainment and advertising. Their purpose is to attract attention with glowing wear,and promote themselves or other things such as brand, culture and spirit by presenting the LED display content, so as to achieve rapid information dissemination at a very short distance.


In this case, the user (wearer) uses the product as a "SPOKESMAN" (spokesperson), speaks for himself/herself, speaks for the group, and speaks for the public.


The further sublimates the meaning of "SPOKESMAN" as "the person with the right to

speak". Insist on continuous innovation, progress, driving, and a win-win relationship, We aims at being the industry pioneer, industry standard setter, and winning the right to speak in the industry, which is also the corporate vision for "SPOKESMAN"


Focus on the field

Spokesman is the global leader of LED smart wear, LED flexible display, LED IoT and related smart device applications, focusing on the research, development, production and sales of next-generation LED human-computer interaction and Internet of Everything technologies and products. We have a number of inventions and utility model patents, and has successively obtained “high-tech enterprise cultivation and storage enterprises” and “high-tech enterprise identification enterprises”in 2017 and 2018.



In 2012, as the first company to launch the industry's thinnest(2 mm thickness) and most powerful wearable LED display, We was leading the international trend of LED wearable display.

In 2017, We launched the world's first real consumer-grade LED smart T-shirt. This is also the first new mobile terminal product that successfully combines apparel, LED and Internet, winning high recognition and praise from global customers.


Core Technology

Spokesman`s independent core technologies include LED, flexible display technology and Internet of things terminal technology. Its core business includes a series of new smart terminal products and industrial solutions such as smart wearable LED T-shirt based on "LED smart display" platform. We have been reserving more than 10 core technology intellectual property rights and selling its products to more than 20 countries and regions


Production business area

The LED flexible display production base and mass production line invested by us were put into production in 2017, with a full production scale of more than 10 million LED flexible displays per year, which can support a large number of industrial applications such as entertainment media, sports fashion, intelligent transportation, mobile terminal, intelligent home, education and office.


"Smart wearable LED" concept

In 2017, We firstly proposed the concept of "Smart wearable LED" in the industry. that means as a platform-based technology, "Smart wearable LED" can be widely used in all walks of life, and will be deeply integrated with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Everything. 


With "Smart wearable LED" technology, We had successively established cooperative partnership with a lot of enterprises in all walks of life at present, and continuously launches new mass production products into the market through B2B and B2C models. 


"Smart wearable LED" is gradually entering into all aspects of people's life,such as entertainment media, sports fashion, intelligent transportation, mobile terminal, intelligent home, education and office, and other industries, bringing users a new way of product design and experience.